B. The President of the University

The University President is the chief academic and administrative officer of the University. The President is appointed by the Board of Directors. The President’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. The appointment with the concurrence of the Board of Directors, the Provost [1], Executive Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents and Deans.
  2. The appointment of all Departmental Chairs, Professors and Associate Professors.
  3. The granting of tenure, and promotion above the assistant professorial level, generally upon the recommendation of the University Rank and Tenure Committee and with the concurrence of the appropriate campus Executive Vice President.
  4. The conferral of all degrees in course as approved by the Board of Directors acting on the recommendation of the Deans and Faculties of the respective schools.
  5. The conferral of honorary degrees and other awards with the approval of the Board of Directors.
  6. The appointment of University committees and their members.
  7. The conduct and direction of such matters which will in the President’s judgment promote the University and its best interests.
  8. The Senior Vice President, the Provost, the Executive Vice Presidents, the Senior Vice President and Secretary, the Vice President and Treasurer, the Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs, and the Vice President for Alumni and University Relations report to the President.