I. Whistleblower Policy

Georgetown University strives to operate in an ethical, honest and lawful manner and expects its faculty, administrators, staff and students to conduct their activities in accordance with University policies and applicable law. The University strongly encourages all faculty, administrators, staff and students to report suspected or actual wrongful conduct by Georgetown employees through channels that the University establishes for such reporting. No University faculty, administrator, staff or student may interfere with the good faith reporting of suspected or actual wrongful conduct; no individual who makes such a good faith report shall be subject to retaliation, including harassment or any adverse employment, academic or educational consequence, as a result of making a report. The University will take whatever action is necessary and appropriate to address a violation of this policy.

For information about established channels for reporting wrongful conduct and/or compliance concerns, including anonymous reporting, please visit the website of the Office of Compliance and Ethics at: www.georgetown.edu/.