Revision Policy

Any revision to the Board-approved policies defining rights and responsibilities of faculty members, or any addition to or deletion of any such policy, may be proposed by the Faculty Senate, any Executive Vice President, the President, or the Board of Directors.  Before the Board of Directors votes on the issue:

  1. The proposed revision shall be made available for review to all members of the faculty, The Faculty Senate, the Executive Vice Presidents, and the President;
  2. The Faculty Senate shall have the opportunity to deliberate on the proposed revision and submit its recommendations to the President and Board of Directors;
  3. The President shall have the proposed revision reviewed by designated advisory bodies.

A proposed change that has been submitted to the Faculty Senate for review may be taken up by the Board of Directors without a Senate recommendation if the Senate fails to act in a timely manner.  In extraordinary circumstances, if the Board of Directors determines that there is insufficient time for a full review by the faculty and Senate, the Board shall make every effort to consult with the Senate Officers.

A change becomes final when approved by the Board of Directors.  After the Board of Directors approves a change to the policies defining rights and responsibilities of the faculty, the Executive Vice Presidents, the Faculty Senate, and all members of the faculty shall be informed.

Some Board approved policies defining rights and responsibilities of faculty members have additional requirements for revision, such as the Faculty Senate Constitution.  Any additional requirements are stated in those policies.