C. The Provost and Executive Vice President for the Main Campus

The Provost is a line officer of the University administration with direct responsibility for all undergraduate and graduate programs not housed in the Medical or Law Centers. In addition, the Provost acts for the President in the President’s absence and serves as a major advisor to the President on long-term plans, priorities, and directions for the University. The Provost has direct responsibility for the following areas:

  1. Coordinating academic programs:1
    • College of Arts & Sciences and the Faculty of Language and Linguistics
    • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
    • Walsh School of Foreign Service
    • McDonough School of Business
    • School of Continuing Studies2
    • McCourt School of Public Policy
  2. Supervising and arranging University Academic Convocations, Main Campus Commencements, and general faculty meetings, and issuing all directives to the faculty for same.
  3. Recommending, with the Department Chair and the Deans, appointments of full-time Main Campus faculty for the rank of Professor or Associate Professor and/or grants of tenure to the President.
  4. Issuing, in the name of the University, formal letters of appointment for Main Campus faculty members engaged by the Deans upon the recommendation of the Department Chairs for the ranks of Assistant Professor, Instructor or Lecturer;
  5. Preparation of budgets for presentation to the President of the University and ultimately to the Board of Directors.
  6. The administration of University policy applicable to all Main Campus faculty personnel, with respect to faculty status and welfare. The Deans have immediate supervision of the instructional programs involving both faculty and students in their respective schools.
  7. The supervision and direction of admissions, registrations, record procedures, Office of International Programs, Georgetown University Press, Army ROTC, and libraries, except at the Medical Center and Law Center.
  8. Financial aid policy for Main Campus students.
  9. The Provost is the Affirmative Action Officer for all academic areas (with the exception of the Medical Center and Law Center), is Chair of the Council of Deans, and an ex officio member of all Executive Councils of the Main Campus schools, and has multi-campus and University policy roles, including service in the President’s Cabinet and Executive Committee of the Cabinet.

1. The School of Health and School of Nursing operate as organizational components of the Medical Center, with their undergraduate and graduate programs maintaining special links to the Office of the Provost. The Deans of the School of Nursing and School of Health meet with the Council of Deans.

2.  The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the School for Continuing Studies also oversee programs in the Medical Center.